How VPS Helps Kunakorn Build an Online Handmade Toy Course

Kunakorn, a handmade toy maker from Russia, has a special business. Kunakorn sells master classes in sewing handmade toys through a website registered in Thailand. “I work on a website registered from Thailand, so I use your services,” Kunakorn said.

Why Kunakorn Chose VPS HiSpeed

Kunakorn learned about VPS HiSpeed from a friend. One of the biggest reasons Kunakorn chose VPS HiSpeed was its reliability. “Uninterrupted operation of the service, good Internet and communication speed,” Kunakorn shared.

The Challenge and Solution

Running a business online can be challenging, especially from another country. Kunakorn needed a hosting service that would keep the website running smoothly and quickly. That’s when a friend suggested VPS HiSpeed.


VPS HiSpeed offers several key features like high-end Intel Xeon Platinum servers, DDR4 RAM, high-speed SSDs, unlimited bandwidth, and customizable servers. These features ensure that Kunakorn’s website runs fast and efficiently, allowing customers to access the master classes without any delay.


VPS HiSpeed also guarantees privacy and data security with offshore hosting, which is crucial for online businesses. “Everything is great,” Kunakorn said, showing his satisfaction with the service.


Kunakorn’s choice of VPS HiSpeed shows how the right VPS hosting service can make running an online business easier and more efficient. With reliable service, high-speed internet, and secure hosting, VPS HiSpeed supports not just Kunakorn but many Thai businesses in reaching their goals.


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