Linux VPS Vs. Windows VPS: Which Is Right For You?

Introducing The VPS

VPS stands for virtual private server. It is one of the most popular account choices for individuals and companies to host their websites because as an account type it offers the user much more freedom than a shared account. Shared accounts are a base level account that comes with unlimited resources and the lowest cost possible. The problem with shared accounts is that they do not allow for very much configuration. So if you run a custom program or application on your website, it usually won’t work.

VPS accounts are designed to be just like a private server account that gives you all rights and privileges possible. The only difference is that the resources that a VPS draws upon are not physical, they are virtual.

What Is Windows VPS Hosting?

Virtual Windows Hosting has been sort of enigmatic. Theoretically, it should be popular because Microsoft has pumped billions of dollars into enhancing its lineup that includes virtual Windows hosting services. Yet today, virtual Windows hosting lags behind Linux options. So Windows VPS servers excel at trying to make it simple for users to create services and administer them. In addition, a lot of the patches and updates services are automated so that you don’t have to spend as much time administering it.

Another advantage is that unlike Linux VPS hosting accounts, Windows VPS servers have driver libraries that match almost all hardware on the market. Consequently, applications like call centers that require a virtual soundcard will function with Windows and not with Linux.

What Is Linux VPS Hosting?

To answer the question ‘ What is Linux VPS ?’ clearly, people that opt for a virtual Linux server are normally planning a website that will act like an application server for its employees and clients. There are thousands of servers written that can take advantage of Linux extensions that written to sit on top of the operating system. In addition, Linux offers access to programming shells that allow the user to create both scripts and programs that can extend security or functional features.

The Difference Between Linux VPS And Windows VPS?

There are people that will tell you that a major difference between Linux and Windows is that Windows is inferior when it comes to security. The truth is that both operating systems are about equal when it comes to security protection. If there is a difference, it is that Linux allows users to adjust the operating system to provide greater security, while Windows has a lot more hackers targeting it because there are so many more users using it worldwide. If Microsoft truly wanted to conquer the Internet Server market, they would have separated the code-base from Windows because tight integration just invites those who want to create a data breach.

In addition to security, Linux is known to have an advantage when it comes to the number of industrial control panels that are compatible with it. One advantage that Windows has developed is in the mobile market. Because Windows phones are not very popular, Windows solutions for mobile users are now much more secure than they would be otherwise. And of course although Linux would be a fine mobile operating system, the powers that control the largest flavors have sat on releasing mobile versions, making them available to OEMs only.

How To Choose The Right One

If you are up in the air about which VPS type to choose, it is a good idea to look at the platform that you are planning to deploy there. A Windows .Asp or Microsoft SQL-based type of development is obviously going to work better with a Windows VPS Server.

If your development platform is operating system-neutral, then it is a good time to break out the statistics with regards to performance tests that are typically run by laboratories associated with Internet publishing. You will likely find the database component and servers that you plan to use on their test list. Whichever platform performs better on those types of test should have a leg up in the selection process.

Choosing between a Windows VPS and a Linux VPS is a classic type of Internet business decision. Windows may be easier to get started with, but you may run into limitations as your needs shift to Internet-centric software development, making Linux more attractive in the long run.


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