2018 Windows VPS

Starting at 563 THB/mo*
Are you looking for a Windows compatible virtual private server hosting solution that meets your needs in Thailand? Hispeed VPS
  • Location | Bangkok
  • RAM: 2-20 GB

  • CPU: 2-12

  • Disk: 30 GB - 1 TB HDD or SSD

  • Windows 2008 trial

  • Bandwidth: Unlimited

  • 99.9% uptime

  • Thai Support 24/7

  • Weekly backup

  • KVM virtualization

2018 Linux VPS

Starting at 399 THB/mo*
Are you looking for a Linux compatible virtual private server hosting solution that meets your needs in Thailand? Hispeed VPS
  • Location | Bangkok
  • RAM: 1-20 GB

  • CPU: 2-12

  • Disk: 15-415 GB SSD

  • OS Centos/Debian/Fedora/Ubuntu Server
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Connection - 10GB Backbone
  • 24/7 Support by Thai Engineers
  • Weekly backup

  • KVM virtualization


In 2016 we achieved 99.99% Uptime Our servers were only offline for a total of 47 minutes in the whole year.The average VPS in Thailand offers only 99.9% uptime. 8 hours downtime yearly.VPS Hi Speed is a smart choice for business that need their website to be running perfectly every day.


Your server will be connected directly to the 10GB internet backbone in Bangkok.Running on Xeon E5 6-Core CPU family servers, you can expect that the best web server performance of any provider to users in Thailand.This level of performance can boost your website’s rankings on Google.co.th

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24/365 Dedicated Support

Our tech support team is available 24/7.

Fast VPS Deployment

VPS ready in 5 minutes.

99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

VPS Hi Speed is a smart choice for business that need their website to be running perfectly every day.

No Contract, Cancel Anytime

You can pay monthly with no contract so you can cancel anytime you want.




Direct Admin was designed to be fast. This a prerequisite of everything VPS HiSpeed does. It’s compact with low resource allocation – leaving more resource for your site or game performance.


Famed for its reliability – DirectAdmin checks another of the VPS HiSpeed must haves. DirectAdmin is low maintenance, it uses minimal code and the unplanned downtime is minimal. Usually DirectAdmin recovers automatically after a crash and more often than not can be modified without downtime.


DirectAdmin offers a sleek and easy interface, no clutter or complex terminology. Keeping yourself organized has never been easier.


Everything is constantly updated – keeping your information secure. Security is the primary element of any business.



The greatest advantage for most users. Typically VPS SSD has access speeds of between 35 to 100 microseconds – or around 100 times faster than standard HDD. With all this extra power, the fact we use less electricity is a feat of science.If you’re managing a website, just think what these snappy access speeds are going to do for your load times, your SEO and your all round website experience.

Greater Data Transfer Speed

All the moving parts required in HDD slow down the drive; SSD has no moving parts – which makes data transfer must faster. With this extra speed you can provide more high resolution images, videos and still handle all that incoming traffic.

Slicker Gaming

If glitchy stop-start game play is the source of our angst, then VPS SSD can help soothe the pain. The fast access allow for a smoother stream on game play and faster load times to entry when you’re going for the high score.

Increased Reliability

SSD’s have no moving parts, nothing to break and virtually shock resident. It is more reliable, higher performing and generally slicker than HDD. They don’t heat up, are more robust and generally last longer. By removing all the unnecessary moving pieces, you will no longer fall victim to data loss due to wear and tear.Increased reliability means more up time – 99.99% to be exact. So we’re always dependable.


Although generally price higher per gigabyte – we understand the cost saving benefits of SSD in the long run, with lowery energy usage and greater productivity. We make sure you can reap the financial rewards of these savings and offer up the lowest SSD VPS rates. All those savings, don’t compromise the quality though – we’re the fastest, most reliable service there is.


If you’re looking for server space as opposed to server speed then VPS HiSpeed’s HDD solution could be for you.

The VPS HiSpeed server contains one of the fastest hard disk drives on the market today, making it the best value for money, the largest space and the highest performing HDD server in Thailand.

Working influx with hardware RAID10 we can ensure that you get the highest quality results: increasing read time speed by 4 and write times by 2 – the system keeps on working even when one of the HDD’s fail.

VPS Forex

The vast majority of Forex traders start out by accessing trading platforms through their home computer networks. Unfortunately, there are many serious drawbacks to doing this. Using a VPS is much better, but why? First, a VPS is a type of dedicated server hosting. Also known as a virtual machine, or VM, VPS uses virtualization technology to split physical servers into smaller, virtualized sub-units. Each sub-unit acts completely independently of the others and is its own self-sufficient system. With a VPS, you are allotted a certain amount of memory, RAM and bandwidth. In exchange, you enjoy much better software, enhanced security, superior latency, exceptional accessibility and much more.