Minecraft Servers

Our Thai based servers can help you host local games for 1.5 2 or 1.7 2 versions of Minecraft. Hosting within Thailand that comes at a reasonable cost.

All Minecraft VPS servers from VPS HiSpeed come with unlimited users, however we recommend 512MB per 10 users without any mods installed. Our Minecraft VPS servers use the latest SSD or HDD technology, ensuring great performance at all times. In addition, all our Minecraft servers are powered by the latest server grade Xeon CPUs and ECC memory for great performance and stability.

Our servers are located in our CAT Tower in Bangkok and connected to Gigabit LAN with dual diversely routed 1Gbs internet connections for great uptime and performance. Every Minecraft VPS is setup instantly after payment, so you can be up and building straight away.

What is a Minecraft VPS?

A VPS is a Virtual Private Server, which is essentially a game server that is installed an set-up to operate Minecraft. (like all other Minecraft servers) The minecraft VPS is co-located in the CAT tower in Bangkok.
So another word for “Minecraft VPS” is “colo Minecraft” The main demand for VPS comes from more experienced and serious gamers who want all the power and control they get when they manage their own private server.

Renting your own VPS will give you full control to the server. You can install any plugins or add-ons and also the Minecraft server executable so that you can enjoy hours of smooth play-time. As the owner/operator, you are also in control of managing the user list, limiting use and setting password access and bans on certain players.

High performance Hard Disk and RAM

You will have dedicated access to your hard disk and RAM, rather than having other people sharing your disk space and RAM allocation. The HDD will be available in high speed SSD or HDD SATA3, which will let you game run at full pace.

On top of this, the disks are in RAID5 and RAID10 configuration, which provide backup failover and redundancy. Should one of your disks crash, then the system will instantly utilise the other disk in the array to give you a worry-free experience.


VPS are backed up on a daily basis, meaning you don’t have to worry about down time or the outcome of a system attack. Simply restore a backup and bring your world back online like nothing ever changed. 

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