Graphio Creative Agency Thrives with VPS HiSpeed Hosting [Case Study]

Graphio, a full-service creative agency based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is dedicated to crafting innovative digital solutions that captivate audiences and drive meaningful conversations. 

With expertise in web design and development, UX/UI design, and video production, Graphio collaborates with brands to weave compelling narratives through cutting-edge technologies. VPS HiSpeed, a leading provider of premium VPS hosting services, has played a pivotal role in supporting Graphio’s aspirations for over 10 years, enabling the agency to deliver fast, reliable, and secure web solutions to its clients.

The Challenge:

As a creative agency focused on delivering high-quality digital experiences, Graphio required a reliable and robust hosting solution that could keep pace with their growing demands. 

They sought a partner that could provide fast, stable, and secure servers to ensure their clients’ websites and applications performed seamlessly, without compromising on speed, uptime, or data security.

Discovering VPS HiSpeed:

Graphio discovered VPS HiSpeed over a decade ago and was immediately drawn to their fast and affordable VPS solutions. “We’ve been using VPS HiSpeed for over 10 years now because of their fast and affordable VPS solutions,” shares the Graphio team. 

The features that resonated most with their needs included secure offshore hosting, high-end Intel Xeon Platinum servers, dedicated resources, and unlimited bandwidth.

The Solution:

By partnering with VPS HiSpeed, Graphio has been able to deliver cutting-edge web solutions to its clients, leveraging technologies such as Next JS, React, JavaScript, Redux, TypeScript, and more. 

The agency’s modern, user-friendly designs and easy-to-use content management systems ensure that clients’ websites stand out and are effortless to maintain. VPS HiSpeed’s reliable and high-performance servers have played a crucial role in supporting Graphio’s ability to create dynamic, responsive, and visually appealing websites that provide seamless user experiences.

Support Experience:

While Graphio acknowledges that issues are inevitable in the IT world, they have consistently received exceptional support from VPS HiSpeed’s team. 

“This is IT, there will always be issues that will require solving. I can say that most times, the problem was us not knowing how to manage the server and even though VPS HiSpeed wasn’t obliged to help in any way, we still received support and fixed our issues. We now rarely contact support (probably we got much better at this) but it is a relief to know they’re there and a reason to choose VPS HiSpeed,” they shared.

Looking Ahead:

With a strong focus on innovation and a commitment to delivering exceptional digital solutions, Graphio looks forward to further expanding its services and exploring new frontiers in web development and video production. 

VPS HiSpeed’s scalable and customizable offerings will continue to support Graphio’s growth, ensuring that their clients receive the highest levels of performance, security, and reliability.

Personal Touch:

Beyond their business endeavors, the Graphio team takes pride in their creative achievements. They shared a notable accomplishment, coming in 3rd place in a CCCL Film Festival with their submission of a short film exploring the issue of smog in Chiang Mai, its causes, and potential solutions. 

This creative endeavor showcases Graphio’s passion for storytelling and their commitment to using their skills to raise awareness and drive positive change.



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