Who is Reseller Hosting for in 2019, and is it still there?

Many of you are still wondering what Reseller Hosting is in 2019, is it still in use, and how is WHMCS different from, or related to, Reseller Hosting, and what is the difference between cheap or expensive Reseller hosting. Today we will answer your questions.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting is a service open to those who need it. You can be a service provider who can rent Web Hosting that can be sold separately. The number of resources such as Disk Space and Bandwidth will depend on the package that the first service provider determines. And then you can choose to buy that package and sell it to other users whereby you can set your own price. Make your own profit from here!

What is WHMCS? What about Hosting?

WHMCS is a PHP script, a web billing system for businesses, that is gaining popularity. Hosting businesses need to have it. Get away from traditional client accounting and use WHMCS for simplicity and time savings. The program can connect to Control Panel and various domain registration systems, and can work automatically with the system to issue bills, receipts according to the payment schedule.

How do I choose a hosting provider?

Another vicious circle for people who want to have a website is to choose a Web Hosting service: which service provider is good? Here we’d like to tell you the principles in selecting a simple Web Hosting plan.

Choose a service provider that seems reliable. Check the organizations or various agencies that the service provider references to (can be seen on their website). For example, service providers in Thailand normally show the registered symbol of the Department of Business Development. (www.dbd.go.th), etc. Regarding the service price, some web hosting services are very cheap, reseller hosting is cheap; there are many reasons, for example, foreign service providers are cheaper. because of lower cost. Some service providers will have a higher price. The reason can come from operating costs such as high-performance servers – good equipment – and using the right licensed software. So you mostly get “Quality according to price.”

Choosing between Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting for website developers is not difficult. But for those who don’t know, it’s easy to see what language (program) your website is developed in, and what database is used, etc. Check comments from customers who use services with that service provider. If they have customers such as large companies, large organizations or websites that are highly popular, then we can be confident to some extent that the service provider is reliable.

From the information that we have gathered for you, you may have cleared your doubts about what Reseller Hosting is, which still confirms the old saying that even in 2019, Reseller Hosting can still generate income and profit for you. If you can find new customers who will order hosting via you, or if you are interested in Reseller Hosting and looking for a professional and quality provider, then consider our Reseller Web Hosting Package from VPS Hispeed. Our Cloud VPS is fully customizable. Even for a beginner it is not difficult to use.

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