What is Quantum Computing? A World-Changing Technology and Its Applications

One of the outstanding features of computers is that they can process huge amounts of data in a limited amount of time. But if we go back to the past, around 1950, it was only possible to process binary numbers with only 0 and 1.  This is different from today where there are many different types of processing, to accommodate more factors or information, that need to be calculated quickly. Currently people are interested in Quantum Computing, a technology that general computers cannot do. But what is this world-changing technology, Quantum Computing? And how to use it? Let’s see.

What is Quantum Computing?

Quantum Computing is a processing system based on Quantum technology, which relies on quantum principles, allowing computers to process a vast amount of data within a very short period of time (significantly faster than other computer systems). It utilizes Qubit units for calculations, which can be either 0 or 1 and in a superposition state, being both 0 and 1 at the same time. If there are additional external factors, it will result in the collapse of the system until the probability in the data increases.
Certainly, its performance far surpasses that of traditional computing systems by billions of times. However, another notable aspect is the application of Quantum computing technology in finding the best solutions in a very short amount of time, unlike with Classic computing’s Combinatorics problems, which still have several limitations today. 

What is a Quantum Computer?

Given the fact that conventional computers are generally limited to classic computing, they may face numerous limitations and challenges. A Quantum Computer, however, is a device designed specifically to support Quantum Computing. With its capability to perform calculations using a large number of qubits in conjunction with processing, it can almost instantaneously simulate mixtures and identify the optimal paths. While traditional computing systems need to sequentially process calculations before comparing those data, Quantum Computers can bypass this limitation. Therefore, some believe that a fundamental requirement for Quantum Computers is to have a significantly large space to efficiently manage a vast number of minuscule data particles and to solve highly complex mathematical problems.

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Examples of Using Quantum Computing Technology

For those who are still struggling to understand what Quantum Computing and Quantum Computers are, let’s look at some examples of how Quantum Computing technology is being used, to provide a clearer picture.

  • Cybersecurity: A primary interest in Quantum Computing lies in cybersecurity. With its highly intelligent systems, it could make decrypting and breaching systems easier, turning from a benefit to a potential national or global threat. This is similar to current interests from China in developing systems to counteract American security measures.
  • Chemical Technology Discovery: the process for scientists in chemistry to calculate and discover new drugs or materials is not easy and requires a lot of time, akin to classic computing, which calculates one variable at a time before comparing and then experimenting in reality. However, using Quantum Computing to calculate molecular structures and properties can lead to discovering the best solutions more efficiently, saving both budget and time.

Although Quantum Computing is a world-changing technology that benefits many sectors, including medicine, chemistry, engineering, and others, it must be acknowledged that with great intelligence comes great responsibility. Especially in matters concerning cybersecurity, which could have catastrophic effects on humanity. Therefore, Quantum Computing is another topic that needs close attention and study, as it is believed that successful development will undoubtedly lead to real-world applications in the near future.

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