What is HTML? The basic structure to understand for beginners

What is HTML? 

The term HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, which, if translated to make it easier to understand, is a language used for creating pages or websites. This language is used to define the format of a website, dictating how it should look or what its distinguishing features should be. For example, sometimes we might see certain websites with beautifully designed text, animations, and various colors, or the use of moving images. The language for writing web content, like HTML, precisely indicates the commands for arranging the page layout or various texts on the website effectively. 

Is it necessary to learn HTML if you’re not a web developer?

For those who want to create a page or a website, it is advisable to learn the basics of HTML in order to link various tags and data on our website, ensuring that information is interconnected properly. 

What is a Tag?

A tag is a means of easily linking everything together. This relationship affects visitors to the website. Connecting information for everyone who visits the website can attract customers or the general public, encouraging them to engage more with our website.

HTML enables computers to talk to each other

The use of HTML may not be directly understandable to the general public, but it serves as the foundational language for webpages and websites. When we write HTML, we do so to enable computers to read and understand how to link various commands together. Therefore, HTML is crucial for those wanting to learn how to create websites or webpages. It can be considered the first language that beginners can easily learn to understand which commands to use so that the website or webpage appears as intended. 

Do you need to understand HTML to use WordPress?

Although HTML is a language commonly used among web developers, it is not difficult for the general public to understand. Anyone who wants to create a website, whether it be with WordPress or any other ready-made web platforms, having a basic understanding of HTML and knowing what specific commands mean and where they can link to can make the actual work process smoother. There are plenty of HTML tutorials available for study. For those just starting out, it’s not as difficult as one might think, since most of it involves predefined languages that have been programmed by others.
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